Multiple's Signup is Live!

Yev Spektor
December 7, 2023

We're excited to launch Multiple and make load testing easier for all the engineering teams out there. To sign up, go to:

We created Multiple to solve three challenges with existing tools:

  1. Limited scripting capabilities. XML or GUI-based scripting can only test basic scenarios. Existing code-based tools struggle with auth, generating synthetic data, and testing anything other than HTTP requests. We went with JavaScript for ease of use, versatility, and integration with existing developer workflows.
  2. Cannot use existing libraries or code. Instead of forcing you to learn a new system and rewrite code, Multiple leverages the JavaScript and NPM ecosystem so you can use packages you're already familiar with. By supporting NPM packages, Multiple can test nearly any API, service, or protocol.
  3. Tedious infrastructure management. There's no reason to spend time spinning up and configuring machines, and then destroying them after a test. Multiple abstracts that away. You just enter the test size and duration, and press start.

My favorite feature we've built so far is the Debug Run. You can use Debug Run as you write your tests to execute a single run-through. It's helpful to verify correct behavior and capture logs, and it allows you to iterate quickly, without spinning up a full load test each time.

We have so much in store for developers: pass/fail conditions, CLI, and repo integration, to name a few. Thanks for reading, and let us know what you think.

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